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133718809_10158530090702247_5100298219994678141_oThere was a time that we thought about our problems. Then we would often go to people and talk about our problems. We lived more peace filled lives.

2020 Book Review

Pastor Josh reviews his reading through 2020. 


Looking for dirt?

If you are looking for dirt you will always find some. Sometimes it’s on the lens you are looking through.

A Story of Kings.


The Christmas narrative is one of angels, dreams, barrenness, and a pregnant virgin.

It’s a supernatural story.

It’s also a story of Kings and kingdoms. As the drama unfolds we see a tyrant king attempting to subvert the reign of the new king.

2020: A Pastors Perspective

I have been in church leadership for 27 years. I served as a youth pastor for the better part of two decades, and we planted and have pastored our church for the last eight years. I've pastored people through 9-11 and other national events that shook our nation, as well as through many personal trials and difficulties. For all humans, this year has been strange. It's also been a struggle. That's an understatement. It's really been the heaviest time for most pastors that I have ever seen. It's been a year….

As your Pastor...

As your Pastor....
I will let you down.
I won’t be able to answer all of your questions. Read More...
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