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It’s interesting to me how many prefer harshness. A harsh word, a stepping-on of toes, a strong word, something that cuts; from a point of presentation or reception. I have observed, as I have posted various things over the years, how some just enjoy truth in a harsh tone. It’s curious.

Some only present truth in this way. They seem to carry being offensive as a badge of honor. I say this because I used to be that way. I liked when people told me that “I said it like it is.” “You don’t care what people think” etc. I’ve been there, but I don’t understand why it is.

When we talked about Jesus in a posture of meekness and tenderness, they are quick to mention him throwing over tables. Slow to affirm and quick to correct.
Wisdom says embrace all of him!

The reality is that truth, in and of itself, is offensive. The message cuts. The gospel is gloriously offensive. I’m learning that the truth of the gospel is cutting enough, and it doesn’t need the help of its messenger.

I am pursuing tenderness.
Pursuing tenderness as I declare the truth. Weeping as I preach a hard word.

Possibly, I am just getting older and become an old softy... or maybe I’ve just spent years being refined by the fire, and the Lord is burning off my hardness and revealing His tenderness.
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