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I’m just over here taking care of business, getting my paperwork in order so I can go to Haiti in two weeks. I run by CVS to do a drive through swab test. Routine.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was shocked the test came back so quickly, even more shocked it said I was positive. Surely it was a false positive? So first thing next morning, I am at a clinic that does rapid testing. They swabbed me for the 15-minute test. 15 minutes. 20. 30. 35. Waiting.
In walks the doctor.
Then come the questions.
” How are you feeling?”
Completely fine.
“How is food tasting?”
Incredible (haha).
“No symptoms?”
He pulls the folded up paper out of his lab coat.
“Well, you’re positive.”
“Yes, a lot of people show no symptoms. I understand it feels odd. You’ll need to quarantine your house for 10 days since the first test you took”
The worst thing about covid: pausing life for the next 10 days.
That was Wednesday. Today is Friday. I got the virus, but I have no symptoms. I’ve had a couple of mild body aches and a few allergy symptoms that are normal to fall settling in. So yeah, I feel normal.
It got me thinking.
How many people are asymptomatic? How many have encountered the Lord, read the word, heard the word, but there’s nothing revealing what is beneath the surface.
I love how Jesus teaches us to “LET our light shine.” Let it shine. The light is there, let it out. Quit hiding what’s in you.
Matthew 5:15 Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
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